Provoked Vestibulodynia (PVD aka Vulva Vestibulitis Syndrome)

Vestibulitis was the former term for vestibulodynia. This term is slightly misleading as it implies that the vestibule is inflamed – hence the term vestibulitis. However it is commonly believed that an inflammatory process in the skin is NOT to blame for symptoms. 

Pain on light touch is the main symptom and the tension in the lower pelvic floor muscles during attempted sex can lead to increased pain and eventually avoidance of sex. 

The pain experienced by women with vestibulodynia is very individual. The main problem for women with this diagnosis relates to hypersensitivity on light touch to the vestibule, such as during intercourse and on insertion of tampons. Some women have pain but are able to tolerate vaginal penetration during sex. For others any pressure to the vestibule area causes varying degrees of pain, soreness and tenderness. Tight clothes and even light touch to the area can be troublesome. Thankfully, itching is not usually a feature of this condition.

Therapies and Vulvar Vestibulitis