Proper Alignment to Help Prevent Pelvic Pain?

Did you know that your pelvic pain can be exasperated by how you stand? If your pelvic alignment is off, then the entire foundation that your pelvic floor muscles, nerves anTired of Pelvic Floor Paind ligaments are lying on is off. This is really important for pelvic floor sufferers.

In the past few months I have started standing more with my laptop. One day I noticed that I was tilting forward, and I mean LEANING forward. I was not even remotely aligned. My lightening fast mind clued in to that fact that I needed to get a better understanding of how to align myself properly, if I wasn’t going to create further pelvic floor pain issues. Seriously, I do not need more issues. Do you?

For a good blog post that deals with how to be aligned properly, head on over to Katy Bowman’s website and read this post called, Mind Your Pelvis. She describes in detail how to get yourself properly aligned.

If you are a visual learner here are some basic alignment tips for pelvic floor pain, foot, knee, hip, and low back health by Barbara Loomis over at Alignment Monkey

Here is another alignment video for your pelvis that might enjoy, from Liberated Body.