How to Find Your Pelvic Floor

First, lets find the muscle.

pelvic floorThe best way to find your pelvic floor is to insert one or two lubricated fingers into your vagina, and then squeeze your pelvic floor muscles until you feel them tightening and lifting around your fingers. It can be a subtle sensation at first, but with some practice you will find it much easier. If you feel the muscles in your vagina tighten around your finger when you contract, you’re doing the exercise correctly.

Once you’ve identified the muscles and can consciously tighten and relax them, you can do Kegels anytime, anywhere. (If you have a hypertonic pelvic floor don’t do this exercise without first speaking with your therapist, as Kegels can exasperate this condition)

For men, stand in front of a mirror and watch your penis. Try to make your penis move up and down without moving the rest of your body. If you can, you are using the right muscles.

Help Finding the Pelvic Floor

Some women like to use specially designed tools—such as the Stone Exercise Egg or the Energie Exerciser—to help identify the muscles and strengthen them effectively. 

Another option is the Myself Pelvic Floor Trainer, a feedback tool that helps you exercise and relax the muscles correctly, showing your progress on a tiny computer screen. This tool is especially helpful if you aren’t sure that you’re contracting properly or can’t tell if you’re making progress. 

Are You Squeezing Other Muscles?

Abdominals: To avoid using your stomach muscles, rest your hand lightly on your belly as you are squeezing your pelvic floor muscles. Do you feel your belly tightening? If you do, relax and try again. Your stomach should not move.girl-213738_640

Chest: If you find yourself holding your breath then you are probably using your chest muscles. Relax your entire body and notice how you are breathing for a few moments. Then, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles while you continue to breathe normally. This will help ensure that you are not using your chest muscles, as chest muscles are usually relaxed when you breathe.

Buttocks:  To test whether you are also tightening your buttock muscles by mistake, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles while sitting in front of a mirror. If you see that your body is moving up and down slightly, you are also using your buttock muscles.

Thigh:  If you see your upper legs moving, it will cause your entire body to lift, you are contracting the wrong muscles. When done properly, no one should be able to see you moving.