Perineal / Vaginal Massage Therapy

These techniques can be used for women who have an episiotomy scar or have perineal pain. *These are taken from the Pelvic Health Solutions website

Perineal Scar Rolling

Perineal scar rolling is a great method to get the scar more flexible ad mobile

  1. Place the scar between the finger tips.  You might have to place one finger inside the vagina and one finger outside the vagina, gently gripping the scar between the fingertips in order to roll it
  2. Roll the scar between your fingers for 2-3 minutes or as tolerated until the scar feels loose, less painful and more pliable.  

Perineal Body Massage

  1. Using a trigger point release technique, press with your finger on the perineal body, and find a tender point
  2. Once you locate a painful area or trigger point, push on that spot for 90-120 seconds; Be gentle; do not create more than a 5/10 in pain as you press on it.  As you hold the spot for up to two minutes, the intensity of the pain should decrease significantly
  3. Do this once a day until the perineal body is no longer tender

For best results, try pressing into the perineal body at different angles and locations in the perineum.  Hold each different direction for 90-120 seconds.

Traditional Perineal Thumb Massage

  • This massage works great for perineal scars, for pelvic pain sufferers, women with vaginismus, and in preparation for labour and delivery
  • Pregnant women can start this massage on the 34th week for 3-5 minutes daily
  • Teaching your partner to do this massage helps in preparation for delivery

What to do: 

  1. Lubricate your thumbs, insert them into the vagina up to the first knuckle, and press straight downward towards the rectum for 3-5 minutes
  2. After 3-5 minutes, press down to the right for 30-60 seconds and then to the left for 30-60 seconds
  3. Another technique is to do ½ moon strokes with your thumbs.  Place your right thumb up to the first knuckle in the inside of your left pelvic floor muscles.  Start from 2 o’clock position and take about one minute to stretch down to the six o’clock position; then change sides and perform the ½ moon strokes on the other side.

Why not self-stretch intravaginally! Since you are already in the vicinity!

This is a technique to stretch your intravaginal muscles that lie one inch from the vaginal opening.  Insert your clean left thumb intravaginally up to the level of the first thumb joint. Gently press or sweep your thumb along the right vaginal walls, providing a deep stretch. Do a few sweeps from the midline toward the bottom of the right vaginal wall. Hold areas that feel tight or uncomfortable until they feel softer.  Then insert the right thumb intravaginally and sweep or apply pressure points along the left side of the vaginal wall. Repeat a few times on each side. Do once a day.