Supplements That May Help Relieve Pelvic Pain

  • vitamins-pelvic-painCalcium citrate, 500 – 1,000 mg daily. Calcium may also help reduce menstrual pain because it helps maintain muscle tone. 
  • Vitamin D, 400 IU daily, helps your body use calcium and may reduce inflammation. 
  • Vitamin E, 500 IU daily, may help reduce menstrual pain. In one study, 100 young women took either 500 IU of vitamin E or placebo for 5 days (2 days before and 3 days after their periods started). Those who took vitamin E reported less pain than those who took placebo. 
  • Magnesium, 360 mg daily for 3 days on the day before menstruation starts. One study that used this dosage found that it reduced menstrual cramps in women who took it. Natural Calm is a good one to use before bedtime. Here is a an article worth reading regarding Candida and Magnesium. It really shows what can happen if you are magnesium deficient. 
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish oil – help lower inflammation. 

Herbs that may help relieve pelvic pain

These are herbs that have traditionally been used for pain relief. Always ask your doctor or naturopathic doctor before taking any herbs if you have a condition or are on medication, or pregnant.

  • Black Cohosh – standardized extract, 20 – 40 mg two times a day. Chaste tree or chaste berry (Vitex agnus castus) standardized extract, 20 – 40 mg daily before breakfast. 
  • Cramp bark – taken as a tea. Boil 2 tsp. dried bark in 1 cup water then simmer for 15 minutes; drink 3 times per day. 
  • Turmeric – standardized extract, 300 mg three times a day, for inflammation.
  • Evening primrose oil – standardized extract, 500 – 1000 mg daily, as a source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA).