Pelvic Floor Massage

massage-pelvic-pain-reliefI thought I would start this section on Massage with some great findings from an article from Leon Chaitow, ND, DO.

Leon writes, “In recent years, more and more of my younger female patients have reported symptoms ranging from variable to acute pelvic pain to stress incontinence, interstitial (i.e., nonbacterial) cystitis, vestibulitis and painful intercourse (dyspareunia). Many of these patients had seen appropriate experts in genitourinary medicine and/or physical medicine, and most had been prescribed what can best be described as “toning” (Kegel-type) exercises for presumed laxity in their pelvic floor muscles, along with various forms of medication.”

So what changed Dr. Leon’s approach? Leon evidenced that the problems in most of these unfortunate patients was not reduced tone, but increased and excessive tone, together with the wonderful work of (mainly U.S.-based) medical and manual therapy practitioners who rediscovered something demonstrated many years ago – that trigger points can cause all of these symptoms, and that the trigger points and the symptoms frequently can be removed manually.

Articles suggesting massage for pelvic floor pain

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